António Carneiro House

Rua Guerra Junqueiro 131, Vila do Conde


Nuno Valentim, Frederico Eça


Margarida Ramos

41.342886, -8.747697

Located at the western end of a group of plots for detached villas, the site makes the transition to the beautiful landscape of the river end. The design of the volume, where two boxes overlap, results in a privileged relationship of the interior spaces with the environment. The permeability between the interior and exterior spaces is enhanced by the large glass panes on the ground floor where the social area (living/dining rooms and kitchen) is located. On the upper floor, the rooms frame the Fort of S.João and the Chapel, with the river and the sea in the background.

Natural light was conceived as a key element in the configuration of spaces and circulation through the house.

A different relationship with the landscape enriches the life of the houses: while on the ground floor the interior space extends into the garden, on the upper floor, as if it were a belvedere, the spaces face the river / sea. To contrast with this openness to the landscape, in the basement the light is dim and private, filtered through the courtyard.