Lina House

Rua do Diu 82, Porto


Nuno Valentim, Joana Sarmento

Work selected for the Prémios FAD 2011

41.15276, -8.67673

The rehabilitation project of the house in Rua de Diu can be told in a few words.

The programme of the house has been maintained with minor changes and the state of conservation has allowed the majority of the pre-existing construction elements to be recovered.

We tried to punctually open new perspectives on spaces and times (remembering Távora…): new light entrances, highlighting the textures of the existing


The main existing construction elements have been preserved and restored, namely the primary structure made of granite masonry and the secondary structure (floors, roof and stairs) in wood; interior partitions in partition walls finished with plaster mortar; interior and exterior openings in painted wood and plastered ceilings with plaster over wooden fascias.