Rehabilitation of Palácio da Bolsa

Rua Ferreira Borges, Porto


Nuno Valentim, Frederico Eça


Margarida Ramos, Maria Ana Sousa Coutinho

41.14138, -8.61569

Rehabilitation of the roof of the Pátio das Nações of the Palácio da Bolsa…

The rehabilitation of the glazed roof of the Pátio das Nações is part of a wider rehabilitation operation of the roofs and façades of the Oporto Bolsa Palace, carried out by the Porto Trade Association in 2006/7. The Pátio das Nações occupies a central place in the organisation of the building.

This roof has suffered several interventions over time which, among other effects, have removed luminosity, made access/cleaning difficult and introduced dissonant elements.

The work carried out on the glazed roof was intended to provide Pátio das Nações with adequate luminosity and performance in terms of watertightness, solar control, ventilation and control of condensation. A manually or automatically controlled ventilation system was also installed in association with the roof ventilation/lighting panels, in order to control hygrothermal conditions and minimise the risk of condensation and overheating in summer.