Housing for the elderly in the “Ideal do Arnado” old industry

Rua do Arnado 1, Coimbra


Nuno Valentim, Frederico Eça, Filipa Ferreira


Gonçalo Morgado, Ricardo Murça, José Tavares, Bárbara Barbosa

40.212883, -8.435258

The site of the old factory “A Ideal” is located on the riverfront, in the Arnado area, marked by urban expansion along the river and the railway. In contrast to the former industrial nature, this area is currently going through some transformations caused by hotel industry growth and railway substitution by surface metro.

The project aims rehabilitate the old and uninhabited building of the factory and proposes a new building for the elderly.

Reading the scale and references of the nearby surroundings, the two volumes have different strategies:

Volume A – “old factory”, rehabilitating its facades, rebuilding the roofs and providing the building with the necessary facilities and infrastructure for the implementation of the new program – the common areas, the service / technical areas and the set of rooms located on the three floors of the existing building to be rehabilitated.

Volume B – expansion to the existing building that will provide the residence with the necessary accommodation for the project’s viability. The plan and the number of floors of this building allow a scale transition with the hotel located north, and, on the other hand, the creation of a garden area, with a close relationship with the river, for the residents.

The two volumes are also connected by a body with only one floor leaning against the eastern edge of the land.