Rehabilitation of the Lordelo Neighbourhood

The first phase of the Rehabilitation Project of the Lordelo Neighbourhood consisted of the preparation of a Diagnostic Study whose main objectives were to analyse the pathologies affecting the façades, the roofs and the common interior areas of the buildings and to present a methodology for the corresponding rehabilitation works; to assess the existing electrical […]

Rehabilitation of Palácio da Bolsa

Rehabilitation of the roof of the Pátio das Nações of the Palácio da Bolsa… The rehabilitation of the glazed roof of the Pátio das Nações is part of a wider rehabilitation operation of the roofs and façades of the Oporto Bolsa Palace, carried out by the Porto Trade Association in 2006/7. The Pátio das Nações […]

Restelo Neighbourhood House

The building is located in the Restelo Economic Neighbourhood, and is made up of two-storey, single-family townhouses with ceramic tile roofs. In the original configuration of the complex there was a characteristic opposition between the continuous fronts facing the streets and more indented back elevations with protruding volumes. The project proposes the extension of the […]

Atelier des Créateurs

The building to be rehabilitated, which functioned from its construction at the beginning of the 20th century until 2006 as the YMCA headquarters, was vacant. Designed by José de Vasconcellos de Lima Júnior, it was built between 1903 and 1904, clearly influenced by the prevailing ‘beaux-arts’ aesthetics. Commissioned by Alfredo Henrique da Silva, it was […]

Welcoming Pavilion, Lycée Français International de Porto

The Lycée Français International de Porto is a remarkable building from the 60’s by the architects Manuel Marques Aguiar, Luiz Cunha and José Carvalho Dias. In Porto, it will be one of the most interesting school buildings of the 2nd half of the 20th century, set in unique landscaped surroundings – the Serralves Museum Park […]

CUMN, António Nóbrega University Center

The house number 4 of Rua Almeida Garrett in Coimbra, is located in a central area of the city: near the Praça da República, next to the park of Quinta de Santa Cruz, now known as Jardim das Sereias, and over which the main façade leans with the uniqueness that characterizes it. The Manuel da […]

Andresen House and Franz Koepp Greenhouses

The Andresen House is a unique building in its architecture and exceptional in its interior space, natural lighting, scale and relationship with its surroundings – the Porto Botanical Garden. It is located in Rua do Campo Alegre – an old road parallel to the Douro River that connected the city centre to the sea, and […]